Mask ‘policy’ update…5/10/21

Please continue to have your mask ready to put on if YOU feel at all uncomfortable walking around people or sitting or standing next to someone, chatting, changing clothes, checking in and out of the studio etc.  Also, if you arrive to a class and your INSTRUCTOR is wearing their mask, PLEASE put your mask on and only take it off when you are on your mat. Thank you for your understanding and compliance as we continue to navigate through this insanely confusing time

We offer the SAFEST (In Studio or Annex) Yoga experience possible in Helena…and we’re HOT!

HYH is committed to ‘best practices’ when it comes to our In Studio classes.  All who enter the studio are temp checked and/or well checked.  Hand Sanitizer is abundant.  We wear our masks until class begins (leave it on if you prefer!)  and encourage everyone to STAY on their mat or Mask UP when stepping off!  Socks or sanitized studio slippers are worn in all common areas.  Class size is limited to FIVE students to ensure that everyone has approx 10 ft of space between and around them.  Austin/Med Pros Air Filters with the BEST Heppa filters available are running 24/7 as well as negative ion air cleaners.  Rental mats are machine washed frequently as well as sanitized between EVERY class. Low cost mats are available for purchase! ($40)  We are still breathing mindfully.  The instructors are well trained in offering VERBAL ques only, to keep you safe, and give you modifications and amplifications! If you feel especially vulnerable, book one of TWO Annex spaces! (single use, 100sq ft space just a block from the studio or Nicky’s private studio when she is teaching IN studio)  with FIR Heat, humidity, Air purifiers and a dedicated device for Zooming w beautiful decor to make you feel like you are having a true studio experience!