Join us on ZOOM! Free till next week! Cyber Memberships begin 4/1

Hey Yogis’s
if you don’t yet have the link for the meeting, all you have to do is email nicky at or even just email through the website here!
IF you are financially stable, and not currently a Member or 10 class card holder at the studio,  and would like to make a small donation to the studio please utilize our PayPal button on the pricing page here on the site  – HOWEVER… this is not necessary! these classes are my gift to you, and I will send an email on Monday outlining your options for an online membership, or full (with CV discount) membership, along with specials for drop ins and guest passes etc…
the links for the previous classes are:
Deb’s morning class from today. 3.20.20

3/19/20 Deb’s Class:

3/18/20 Deb’s Class:


Hey…if you aren’t already there,  please CONSIDER creating a Facebook account… even if it’s JUST for staying connected to  this amazing Yoga community!  You don’t have to ‘friend’ anyone, you don’t have to watch any News Feeds, all you have to do is search Members of HYH in the main searchbar of Facebook and request to join the group. It’ll be worth it I promise.

with love always,